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21 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas to Impress Your Friends

It happened. He popped the question, and now you get to assemble your flawless team of train fluffers, teeth checkers, shoulders to cry on, bouquet holders, and champagne toasters—otherwise known as bridesmaids!

You’ve got your guy, but we know that you wouldn’t make it down the aisle without your girls. Whether you met in a playground sandbox or at your first post-college job, these ladies have been with you through it all. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to “propose” to your closest friends and bring them from BFF to bridesmaid. Spoil them with a sweet gesture by asking them to be one of your go-to gals using one of these memorable and creative ways!

21 Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas:

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

1. Personalized box

Fun and creative, a DIY personalized box will have your ladies feeling special! Head to your local craft store and pick up paintable wooden boxes to customize to represent your wedding day color palette, then go ahead and write your message on the inside lid. Add color coordinated nail polish, swatches, champagne, and fun extras for a unique twist on a bridesmaid proposal. An added bonus? She can use the box for keepsakes for years to come!

2. Snail mail

Easy does it! Propose to your 'maids using fun cards that represent your wedding day style and color palette. Etsy, Kate Spade, Zazzle, and Rifle Paper Co. all have stylish options that will have your ladies squealing with delight! Perfect for far-away friends, they will love getting this favor in the mail. For an added surprise throw in some sparkling confetti!


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3. You’re never too old to play with dolls

Instagram-worthy and adorable, take it to the next level by popping the question using stylish doll-like cards! Mix-and-match the dolls’ looks to showcase your color palette for the big day.

4. Candle + hidden message

Surprise them by putting a pull-out message in a sweet smelling candle. Tape the message to the inside of the lid—then watch their faces when they open it to smell it and the message comes out attached to a string! DIY by writing the message on separate circles of paper that are cut to fit the lid. Connect the papers using a string, so that when she opens the lid they fold out to present your question!

5. Scratch-off card

It’s cute, fun, and the perfect way to ask your 'maids! Make them work for their surprise with a scratch-off card. Easily ordered from a variety of places, this proposal idea is quick and simple—leaving you with extra time for color palettes and dress shopping!

6. Fortune cookie

Frequent a favorite Chinese restaurant? Give them a cookie and tell them their fortune! Slide your message into a fortune cookie—added points for it being edible.

7. Friendship recipe

We all know the recipe to a good friendship is what led you to asking your ladies in the first place. Remind them how much they mean to you by proposing with a recipe box full of fun ideas on how to make your day special! Include recipes for friendship, the perfect wedding day, and for being your go-to gal!

8. Message in a balloon  

He popped the question, now it’s your turn! Put your message inside of a balloon alongside of confetti. DIY or order pre-made balloon packages from Etsy or BHLDN to POP the question in style!

9. Picture this

Classic and memorable, a picture frame flawlessly combines the sweet and sentimental. Include a photo of you and your chosen lady alongside of a “will you be my bridesmaid” message. You can be sure it will be displayed on her shelf for years to come!


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10. Destination wedding? Propose in a shell!

Getting married on the beach in a destination location? Channel the sea by putting your message inside of a seashell. This would also be the perfect way to reveal your wedding location!

11. Crossword puzzle

Perfect for your game-loving gals, a crossword puzzle is both fun and memorable. DIY for a personal touch!

12. Propose a toast

Get the party started! Treat your ladies to dinner and ask them with a champagne toast. Morning person? Make it a mimosa toast at your favorite brunch spot! Cheers!


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13. Memory book

Show your ladies how much they mean to you by creating personalized photo books. Chatbooks is a great route to take, as they make it easy to pull images straight from Instagram. Artifact Uprising also provides quality books that they are sure to treasure! Put your message on the last page of the book and she’ll be tearing up from reminiscing. How could she say no after she pages through your best memories?!   

14. Puzzle

We know that you and your bestie fit together like a puzzle, so why not use one to propose? With tons of options out there to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect puzzle to complement your wedding day color palette and style!


15. Tie-the-knot bracelet or necklace

Take a hint from your fiancé and propose to your ladies with jewelry! Ask your gal pals to stand next to you as you tie the knot by presenting them with Kate Spade Sailor’s Knot Hinge Bangles or Petal and Paperie's knot necklace! A classic design with a modern twist, they will love that one of these elegant gifts is something they can wear again and again—not to mention they’ll look fabulous with any bridesmaid dress they don!

16. Necklace

Your groom proposed with timeless jewelry, so why shouldn’t you? Ask using these faux-ring necklaces from Petal and Paperie on Etsy that become simple circular pendants for a look that she will wear everyday to remind her of your friendship.


17. Customizable wine bottles

Like fine wine, friendship gets better with time. Ask your ladies with a custom wine label on a bottle of their favorite vino or champagne. Then pop open the bottle of bubbly in celebration! Bonus!


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18. Bridesmaid survival kit

Make sure that your ladies are ready for your big day by providing them with a personalized survival kit. Fill it with gum, perfume, lotion, and color-coordinated nail polish—everything they’ll need to make it through your big day in style and class!

19. Love coffee?

Coffee aficionado? Order your bestie’s drink of choice and write the question on her cup á la Starbucks. Ask the barista to do it for you for an added surprise!

20. Practical proposal

Ask your 'maids by giving them something that they’ll use on your big day. A monogramed robe or button-down shirt makes getting ready simple, while providing an excellent photo op!  


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21. “I CHEWS you!”

Buy your gum-loving ladies a pack of chewing gum and write “I chews you” on the front. Simple and fun, your 'maids will feel honored that you have chosen them for the big day!

Yes, your wedding day is about celebrating your relationship with your handsome groom-to-be, but we know you couldn’t have made it without your besties by your side. Ultimately, make your ladies feel special!

Leave a comment below letting us know which of these ideas are your favorites—or if you have one of your own. Happy proposing, friends!

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