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27 Things To Do As Your Due Date Approaches!

I hear congratulations are in order! It’s happening. You’re having a baby (or thinking about having one, at least), which is a major step for any couple. And while babies and toddlers are just about the most adorable thing to happen to planet earth, they aren’t all darling floral bucket hats and rolls upon rolls of nonstop cuteness. Sure, you’re welcoming in a beautiful new chapter…but that means turning the page on an old one, too.                        

When it comes to having kids, the only universal truth is this: they change everything. So before you pull out the Kate Spade diaper bag and your collection of baby crocs (no judgment!), grab your significant other and take make a list of all of the things you want to do before you become a family of three! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of must-do things to see and do as your due date approaches. 

27 Things To Do As Your Due Date Approaches!

1. Get out of town!

Travel, travel, travel! If there’s one thing that gets infinitely more difficult to do when you have a little one it’s traveling. Revel in your last months with just the two of you and splurge on a tour of Italy European vacation. Schedule a wine tour in Rome (if you’re not already pregnant, that is!), a beach day in Mykonos, and catch a glimpse of everyone’s favorite mom Kate Middleton in England! Already pregnant? Take a babymoon to a new state, visit one of your must-see national parks, or find an all-inclusive resort in South America and relax on the beach to store up some much-needed Zzz’s!

2. Get a risky ride

Take a chance and hop on board that risky ride that you’ve been wanting for ages. Car seats don’t fit on the back of motorcycles, so get it out of your system before you start your family! 

bride and groom in an off-road vehicle

Brian Bossany Photography

3. Make your house a home

The nesting phase of pregnancy is no joke. Get ahead of the game and start making your house a home now! If you’re thinking about buying a place, now is the time to do it. Otherwise, take that leap and paint your apartment walls and hang the art you’ve wanted to get on the walls but haven’t gotten around to. By adding little touches, you’ll feel more at ease in your little abode, making it easier to welcome baby home.

4. Go out!

Go out with your significant other without having to find a babysitter. Stay until close at your favorite bars and make a reservation at that fancy restaurant that has always been on your list. Oh, and order the sushi while you still can!

eating sushi with friends

5. Be spontaneous

Spontaneity nearly goes out the window when kids arrive on the scene, so make the most of your impromptu spirits and go the unplanned route! Go to the airport and buy a ticket to the first place that you see. Drive around your state in search of the best double brownie fudge ice cream cone. Take a cross-country trip. Go on a weekend-long date with no agenda whatsoever. 

6. Get established

Now is the time to get established in your career. Having a baby makes late nights at the office and weekend events harder and harder to get to, so make the most of your childlessness and put in the work now!

7. Go to Disneyland without kids

Whoever said that Disneyland is just for kids has never done Disney right.  Mouse-shaped food, Cinderella-themed rides, and all-around happiness seeping from every corner…what’s not to love?! Hit up the most magical place on earth before you have kids. You know, for research purposes.

8. Hang out all night with your friends

Stay out all night with your best friends before there are bed times to abide by and little hands tugging at your shirt begging you to go home. Take advantage of your pre-kiddo time and make plans with your pals as often as possible!

dancing at a wedding

Gina Zeidler Photography 

9. Relocate to your dream city

Still dreaming of making that big move? Now’s the time! Do your research, find a house, interview for the job, and take the leap!

10. Start and book list…then finish it!

Reading time becomes scarce when there are little ones to care for, so make a reading list of the books that you’ve always wanted to dive into—and finish it!

reading a book

11. Get drunk at brunch

Because you only live once, right?

friends drinking wine

12. We’re on a boat!

Nothing says relaxation like being on the open water. Pack up your sunblock and floppy hat and take to pre-baby self on a cruise, day boat trip, or to your local lake. (Don’t forget to bring a book from the aforementioned list!)

13. Get a hobby

Not having a kid means that you have a lot more free time, so make the most of it by learning a new hobby! Become a master yogi, train to run your first marathon, or take up knitting.

14. Take a cooking class together

While you’re limited menu of cereal, spaghetti, and pizza rolls has served you well while it’s just been the two of you, children require a more well-rounded spread of cuisine options. Look into any cooking classes in your area, then sign up!

15. Dress to the nines

Wear your nicest clothes—without spit up!

16. Splurge!

Whether it’s the dress you’ve been eyeing for a while or a brand new car with all of the fixings, we say go for it. Treat yo’self! 

17. Downsize

Babies take up space, so make more of it by downsizing. Take the time to go through your old books, clothes, and miscellaneous items and sift out the things that you haven’t used in a while. No, you probably don’t need to keep that Chem book from your freshman year in college. Burn it! 

18. Take a camping trip

Channel your inner outdoorsman and pack up your sleeping bags—you’re going camping! Head to the shore for a weekend of cuddling to the sounds crashing waves, or snooze under the stars at a nearby state park. Use the opportunity to unplug and reconnect with your partner!


19. See a movie

Simple when it’s just the two of you, not so much when you add a fussy babe to the mix. Hit the theaters as often as you can leading up to your due date! Need an excuse? Popcorn cravings, of course!

20. Surprise your partner

Now is the time to create lasting memories, so plan a fun date night or a surprise birthday party for your significant other!

21. Go to a concert

Buy tickets to see your favorite artist in concert and lose your voice from screaming every word at the top of your lungs.

22. Drive, drive, drive

Grab your go-to car snacks and cruising tunes for a weekend of driving with no destination! Make it into a staycation by returning back to your abode every night, or rent out AirBnB rooms to get you through to your final destination—whatever that may be!

taking a cruise

23. Go food crazy

Drink alcohol! Eat sushi! Snack on Brie and deli meat sandwiches! 

24. Get fit

Take the time leading up to your pregnancy to get fit! Challenge yourself to become a master tennis player, or hit the streets to run just a little bit further every day.

pre-wedding workout

25. Pay off your debt

Get baby-ready financially by paying off your student loans and credit card debt. You’ll feel a burden lifted off of your shoulders—and you’ll have extra money to buy those adorable baby muslin blankets you’ve been eyeing! 

26. SAVOR your time, just the two of you

It won’t be just the two of your for at least another 18 years, so savor the time that you have to hang out binge watching Netflix while eating Indian takeout. Trust us, you’ll miss it.


Last but not least: get some shuteye! Full nights of rest are few and far between once the baby comes, so make sure you’re getting your eight (ahem, nine or ten) hours of rest in every night!

What’s on your pre-baby bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!  

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