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6 Wedding Day Emergencies Every Bride Fears

You can plan and plan your wedding, but you can never absolutely guarantee that little things won’t go wrong. That’s just a fact of life!

If you’re freaking out about last minute prep and making sure nothing will go wrong, I want you to stop and take a big breath. There’s basically nothing that could actually ruin your day.

However, sometimes stressing over the unknown and over possibilities of things that could go wrong are even worse than the things themselves, so here’s a list of common wedding day emergencies – and how to solve them – to put your worries aside.

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 6 Common Wedding Day Emergencies:

1. You – or someone else – spills red wine on your dress.

This is a real tragedy, right? Wrong! While I don’t recommend trying to get any sort of spill or stain on your gown, spilling a couple drops of wine will not ruin your dress or your wedding.

The key here is to act fast and dab – don’t rub – the stain with a damp napkin. You can use water or club soda. Once it dries, gently cover up the spots with white chalk to mask the stain for the rest of the party. This isn’t a permanent fix, however, so try to bring your gown to a professional cleaner as soon as possible so they can safely remove the stain.

red wine being poured at wedding

2. You get a run in your stockings.

There’s nothing worse than putting on a pair of tights or stockings and getting a run in them as soon as you step out the door. If you do get a run, don’t panic.

Use the clear nail polish from your beauty kit to cover the hole and run – this will lock the fibers into place so that the run won’t grow.

Don’t have time to wait for the nail polish to dry? Cover the run with hairspray to lock everything down. Or, ditch the stockings all together if the run is bad enough.

3. The bridesmaid dresses are suddenly static city.

Oh static. It seems to pop up when you least expect it, causing lots of annoyance. Invest in some static guard if you think it will be a major issue, but if you need to fix static on the fly, have your girls put lotion on their legs. This will stop the fabric from clinging!

4. Last minute illnesses.

Chances are, you’ve been stressed out and losing sleep during the last week of your wedding, trying to get everything pulled together and ready for the big day. This makes you more susceptible to germs and colds. If you do wake up feeling under the weather, don’t stress.

Oftentimes the worrying about whether you look sick outweighs the actual physical feelings of the cold. Have some Dayquil or other cold meds on hand, and to prevent catching a cold before the big day, start taking some Vitamin C, Echinacea, or Airborne a couple weeks before the big day so your immune system stays strong.

5. Renegade flower girls and/or ring bearers.

There’s nothing cuter than a flower girl and ring bearer, but there’s also nothing more unpredictable than a small child. If your flower girls or ring bearers suddenly burst into tears, run around, or simply take forever to make it down the aisle, your wedding obviously won’t be ruined.

But having some strategies for regaining control will help to alleviate any confusion about who should redirect them so the ceremony can proceed. This is obviously specific to the ceremony and individuals in your wedding, so just consider what you would do if they go rogue so you’re not caught off guard on the big day.

To keep kids occupied and happy, have a mini emergency kit just for them! Coloring books, games, an iPad loaded with kid-friendly movies—whatever will keep those tears at bay.

ring bearer and flower girl riding on toy trucks

6. Inclement weather.

You can mindfully plan your outdoor affair with care, but that still doesn’t mean the weather will cooperate. The key here is to have contingency plans – above a tent in case of rain – so that you’re ready for everything.

If there’s potential for unseasonably hot weather, have small fans stationed throughout the seats at the ceremony and throughout the reception area to help guests cool off. Grab some small handheld fans for you and the bridal party as well. If it might be cold, buy some cheap instant hand warmers and even inexpensive blankets so everyone is cozy and comfortable. Hello, wedding favors!

If it rains? Make lemonade out of lemons! Take incredible photos with cute umbrellas and galoshes. You’ll end up loving them, I promise.

bride and groom kissing under umbrella on a rainy wedding day

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

The above wedding day emergencies and many more are manageable, especially if you have the right items on-hand! If you do nothing else, creating an emergency kit that include these following items will help solve any disasters you might encounter.

These items are extremely useful for your bridesmaids and groomsmen as well. Have your personal attendant or ‘maid carry it with them to the ceremony, photos, reception, and more.

Download the Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist >>

Sewing Kit

I don’t know about you, but for some reason I always resist lugging a sewing kit around, especially to a big event like a wedding. What could I possibly fix – and fix well – with needle and thread? A lot of things, it turns out.

Sewing kits are so useful! Plus, most are so small that you can easily tuck one into a larger pouch or bag. Make sure your kit includes needles, thread – if your kit doesn’t come with thread in the colors of your gown or the bridesmaid dresses, you can pick up some inexpensive thread at your local craft store – and safety pins, Velcro (for dress closure and strap emergencies – buttons that match your fiancé’s suit, and scissors.

Even if you don’t think you’ll have a sewing emergency, these items alone will be able to solve any disaster.

First Aid/Miscellaneous

Now, hopefully no one will need first aid attention on your big day. But along with a sewing kit, create or buy a mini first aid pouch in case anyone gets a headache or somehow cuts themselves on flowers.

The kit should contain safety pins – you seriously can never have too many safety pins – Band-Aids, Advil, Shout wipes or Tide sticks, mints, sunscreen and bug spray (for an outdoor big day), and any other miscellaneous items you think you might need.

Beauty Kit

There’s nothing worse than having your makeup melt off from happy tears or sweat, or a stray wind messing with your hair, and having nothing on hand to rectify the situation.

For you and your bridesmaids, create small pouches that contain bobby pins, hairspray, clear nail polish, makeup setting spray – E.L.F makes a fantastic and cheap option – and mini versions of the key makeup items in the specific colors everyone is wearing. I’m thinking face powder to alleviate any shine problems, mascara, and lipstick/lip gloss.

Make sure everyone knows where these pouches are so you and your girls and quickly and easily reapply and fix any windblown hairs. I would also have some tampons or other feminine care items on hand, because surprises can happen and you don’t want to make a frantic run to Walgreens.

makeup beauty kit

Just remember…

At the end of the day, the material aspects of a wedding are just that – material things meant to signify your union and love for your partner. Even if some things “go wrong” or aren’t executed as seamlessly as you had hoped, the commitment and bond with your partner cannot be ruined.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, and if you do face wedding day emergencies, consciously make the decision not to let it bother you and move on. At the end of the day, it’s about you and your fiancé, not about the miniscule rip in your veil. There isn’t any wedding day emergency that could ruin everything.

BONUS: If something does go wrong, it’ll make for a funny story and memory in the future. After all, perfection is boring!

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