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Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses that Redefine Shine | 8 Trending Styles

Some bridesmaids choose chiffon, some choose dupioni, but when the wedding party loves glam, sparkle is a natural choice! Sequined fabrics have come a long way in the past few years, and they look out-of-this-world in any lighting you like.

Read on for 7 reasons ‘maids should dare to dazzle—and if we’ve convinced you, we’ve also got 8 of our favorite sequin bridesmaid dress options lined up for your consideration below.

Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses: 7 Reasons to Swoon

1. More metallic. Silver and gold, silver and gold … and copper, and gunmetal, and bronze, and … you get the picture. And what a shiny picture it is! Sparkly bridesmaid dresses complement the 2010s trend for glam weddings no matter what the setting, with metallics becoming ever-more-important parts of couples’ palettes. Hey, it makes sense—one traditional centerpiece of the day is exchanging precious metal rings, so why not reflect that in the wedding party’s attire?


2. Nudes and neutrals. Sequin fabrics are easy to find in soft colors and sophisticated neutral shades. Wedding palettes in general are shifting toward jewel tones, but a neutral (but still sparkly!) bridesmaid dress can both make the wedding’s look more unique and provide re-wearability for the wedding party.

Kennedy Blue Tierney Bari-Jay-1630

3. Make it matte. Satin-finish and brushed metal jewelry (super easy to wear again with day outfits), plus shinier metallic gowns? Très moderne!

4. A different kind of splendor. A ballgown-clad bride gets her gravitas from the shape of her dress (and so does one in a mermaid cut, for that matter); it makes for a lovely picture when the bridesmaids get theirs from sparkle. Since shiny bridesmaid dresses often have slim A-line and sheath fits, they’re a perfect way to highlight the party, keeping it posh while contrasting with the glamour of the bride.

5. Suit the suit. Groomsmen trying to look unique, but not too stagey? Men’s formal attire might be more simple, but with the ladies wearing glitter, male attendants have a lot of options to personalize their look without seeming like they’re trying to out-detail the bride’s side. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

6. Gloriously Gatsby. If you’re going for a significant touch of Art Deco or Jazz Age flavor, sparkly bridesmaid dresses (especially patterned gowns) are just right.

Angelina-Faccenda-20476 Angelina-Faccenda-20477

7. Match accessories to dresses. Your options open up gorgeously when you can match a fabric to a jewelry piece. Sequins and no jewelry, plain and lots of jewelry—it’s a mismatched bridesmaid look that coordinates and allows for tons of personal taste. If the maid of honor is comfier in a nice pantsuit, put the other girls in silver sequins and the MOH in a bold silver jeweled necklace. Swoon.

      4 Sparkly Bridesmaid Dresses to Start Off Right

      Now that we’re all on the same (sparkly) page about how awesome sequin bridesmaid dresses can be, here’s some fabulous favorites of ours to consider:

      Bari Jay 1613

      Half sequins, half chiffon, all glam. Indulge us for a moment while we build our wedding aesthetic: Bari Jay 1613 in Champagne—the knee-length option with cute flats for max ballerina appeal. The bride wears an A-line dress of light gold chiffon. Early afternoon light streams through the windows into a quaint, old-fashioned country-club venue, picking up the muted shimmer of matching sequin table runners. Guests drink from gold-rimmed teacups.

      Or you could go edgier: the silver glitter bodice flashing in the lights of the disco ball. Attendants twirling in bright heels, each girl’s shoes a different electric color. The shiny bridesmaid dresses (with their oh-so-feminine short chiffon skirts) match the cut crystal and the crisp monogram cake topper tonight, but the ladies are already planning to wear them again for a girl’s weekend next year in their favorite destination city.

      Other fave features of this sparkly-topped stunner? The tank-style straps on the wide V-neckline make it a little easier to find the right bra, even though the scoop back bares some skin. And the folded chiffon sash at the natural waist is a dressmaker touch that really shows the quality of this glam frock.

       Bari-Jay-1613 Bari-Jay-1613-back

      Kennedy Blue Ariel

      Excuse us; we seem to have lost our hearts to this sweetheart neckline with its shower of sparkling scallops. Imagine how that pretty pattern could look by candlelight, catching the romantic flicker from the candelabra, framing the scene of your exchange of vows with a just-right level of glitter. Tone down the jewelry and go natural with the makeup: the dress has got this covered, and every lady looks perfectly polished.

      Again, though, you can always go flashier: after all, it’s your wedding. We’re thinking metallic sandals, eclectic bangles, maybe a brooch bouquet for the bride. Embrace your inner mermaid and copy that cascading scallop design on your venue decorations: it’s a softer, more fantasy-feeling version of modern lattice patterns. Bonus points for glitter printing on the place cards!

      The spaghetti straps on this shiny bridesmaid gown are dainty and modern, especially with their X back, but if you layer a jacket over the dress for the ceremony, it could actually feel pretty Edwardian. Oh, and another thing: if you love sequin gowns but don’t love light colors, this option comes in rich shades of black and wine as well as the classic beige.

      Kennedy Blue Ariel in Scarlett Kennedy Blue Ariel back

      Bari Jay 1624

      Dig, if you will, a picture: bridesmaids clad in this fabulous full-length sequin gown as they prepare to walk down the aisle. The all-over shimmer fabric of this metallic bridesmaid dresses catches the dramatic lighting as a moody custom arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon begins to play. Spare, elegant bouquets made from a single type of long-stemmed flower don’t hide the relaxed but very chic blouson shape that gathers at the waistline. The trendy metallic boutonnieres on the groomsmen shimmer in time with the little sparkles that flash from every lean and ladylike gown.

      Pick out flashy rhinestone post earrings and do the ladies’ hair in old-fashioned waves, and your wedding’s Old Hollywood all the way down the red carpet. Add hoops and loosely braided updos, and you’ve gone modern with just enough romance to feel graceful.

      The cut of this dress is super-flattering on petite figures (but pretty forgiving on more ample ones, too), so it’s likely to please your party – and if you’re mixing and matching dresses (remember we talked about how easy that is with sequins?), it gives some definition to a rail-thin friend whose natural shape contrasts with the matron of honor’s curves.

      Bari-Jay-1624 Bari-Jay-1624-back

      Angelina Faccenda 20475

      Now here’s something fresh to inspire a wedding Pinterest board: neutral and metallic bridesmaid dress colors, tone-on-tone patterns, and romantic ribbon details, all in one glittering gown. Majestic and modern but still with a nice flowing presence, it’s just the right gown when you’re going for something on-trend but more than merely trendy. Think ombré flowers, aisle decorations that flutter gracefully in the breeze, elegant escort cards – all those really swoony details that combine timeless dream-wedding feelings with your of-the-moment aesthetics. This is the dress that goes with those.

      Sleeveless with a high neckline, it’s another dress that lends itself well to bolder jewelry: bangles, cuffs, and wrap bracelets are a great way to honor the couple’s heritage or bring in a local artist’s work to your wedding party look.

      Another advantage of that halter neckline and narrow keyhole back: this dress is another that’s easy to pair up with lingerie your ‘maids already have, and with its neutral colors, it’s a great candidate for an awesomely contrasting one-neutral, one-bright color pair-up.

      Angelina-Faccenda-20475 Angelina-Faccenda-20475-back

      Are you considering sequin dresses for your wedding attendants? Is there another sparkly style you love? Gab about the glitter in the comments!

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