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Top 2017 Wedding Trends: 32 NEW and Noteworthy Ideas

For the many couples that have recently become engaged, it’s time to look ahead into the next year to envision what’s on the horizon for their big day. As a 2017 bride myself, I’ve recently spent hours… scratch that, DAYS researching trends that have just recently emerged, and have also noted quite a few that have become tired and overdone.

This post is intended to help you avoid having to spend the countless hours I have dedicated to sifting through bridal magazines, every Pinterest board known to mankind, and all of the other bridal blogs on the planet. For your planning pleasure, I present the top 32 trends of the 2017 wedding season!

Top 2017 Wedding Trends:

Wedding Dresses:

1. Floral appliqués/3D flowers

We’ll continue seeing gowns of all styles that incorporate this ethereal element. 3D flowers and appliqués add a touch of whimsy to even the simplest design, and you can even shop for a floral appliqué belt or sash for a cost-effective way to incorporate this dainty detail into your bridal style.

whimsical bridal gown with floral appliques

The Lemon Rose Photography

2. Colors beyond blush and ivory

While white and ivory dresses will forever remain in the bridal attire realm, many designers have started including beautiful hues of blue, purple, green, and more into their styles.

Gone are the days of choosing between white, blush, champagne, and ivory. Keep an eye out for pastel toned colors incorporated into layers of soft tulle for a unique (yet still distinctly bridal) look.

3. Crops and convertibles

It looks like we’ll continue to see 2-piece options next year, manifested in both crop gowns and convertible dresses. The crop gown is a great option for any brides shopping for a contemporary and sexy style, without having to bare it all.

Many of these designs will compensate for the revealing midriff with longer sleeves and covered busts, helping this fad remain tasteful and mother-in-law approved.

4. Keeping it classic

Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week showed a departure from the trumpet style and embraced A-line silhouettes and feminine ball gowns. Keep an eye out for a continuation of the sheer illusion trend, layers of angelic cascading tulle, and soft, feminine shapes.

illusion neckline bridal gown with classic silhouette

Brian Bossany Photography 

5. 21st century woman

I’m kind of loving the jumpsuit option for a sassy reception outfit, and lots of designers are embracing asymmetrical construction for a tailored, high-fashion feeling.


Bridesmaid Trends to Take On:

6. Florals and prints

Your ‘maids will be thrilled to be at the forefront of attendants incorporating florals and bold prints into their ensembles. Look for vibrant hues and bold floral prints, in both short and long styles.

7. Mix and match

The growing trend of allowing bridesmaids to choose their own dress isn’t going anywhere. Letting your best friends select a style that fits and flatters their body type and complements their personal style is a meaningful gesture and ensures they’ll wear their dress more than once. 

Feel free to dictate a designer, fabric, and color scheme to stick within, and let them choose the rest!

mismatched Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses in mint

8. Sparkle and shine

We’ve seen sequins pop up in some seriously stunning nuptials in the past few years, and this craze is just starting to pick up full steam. Look for lots of sparkling gowns in 2016 and 2017. This is a great option if you’ve chosen neutral colors for your palette, but still want to add a little bit of glamor into the look.

Bari Jay 1613 Kennedy Blue Tierney

9. Bridesmaid Separates:

Two-piece bridesmaid dresses are taking over the runways. They’re easy to mismatch, and they’ll make alterations more affordable since you can order different sizes on top and bottom!

What’s in Bloom?

10. Floral installations

If you haven’t considered building a floral wall or installation yet, get on it! Use a floral wall for your ceremony backdrop, then let it double as a photography background. You can hire professionals and use real flowers, or go the DIY route and sew silk florals to a heavy-duty canvas backdrop. The end result is seriously jaw-dropping. Choose one color for a simple statement, or utilize varying tones of the same color for a stunning effect.

11. Cascading bouquets

Steer clear of posy arrangements and look for cascading bouquets for your 2017 ceremony. This waterfall of flowers is a dramatic statement that allows for the natural beauty and movement of the buds to really shine. Incorporate vines, orchids, and large statement flowers such as magnolias for an unforgettable arrangement.

cascading bridal bouquet

Gina Zeidler Photography

12. Greenery

Many brides will opt to forego flowers altogether and gravitate towards other beautiful botanicals for bouquets and table scapes. Some brides will include baby’s breath, lavender, cotton, ferns, succulents, and pine in their arrangements. I particularly adore the idea of decorating tables with long branches of eucalyptus leaves!

13. Paper flowers

Fresh flower alternatives will continue to be a great option for brides wanting to make a statement, but are hoping to avoid amassing a ridiculously expensive floral budget. Look to supersized paper flowers to adorn ceremonial arches for a fun and playful decoration.

This is a great DIY project that can be started months in advance. Adhere zip-ties to the back of each giant flower with a glue gun, then on the day of your wedding, stick them to your wire arch for a festive and colorful backdrop!

14. Corsages

Some crafty parties will forego bridesmaid bouquets altogether and outfit their leading ladies in outstanding corsages. This will allow your attendants to keep their hands free throughout the celebration, and will help you save on your flower budget… plus, it’s got a super cute vintage feel to it!

What’s in store for décor?

15. Attention to tablescapes

Many couples are starting to turn their attention to the dinner table as the main focal point of the reception. We’ll continue to see long banquet tables as opposed to the traditional round table setup.

People will splurge on chiavari chairs and lush centerpieces, which will make a meaningful impact and will serve as the main decorative element of the reception.

16. Light up the night

Lighting can really make or break the ambiance of your celebration (far more than flowers or linens), which is why intimate lighting options such as candelabras, delicate string lights, tons of tea lights, and luminarias will serve as main lighting sources. Dim, romantic, and dramatic are key themes for this trend.

bride and groom kissing in front of backdrop with string lights

Aury G Photography

17. Heritage and culture

One of my favorite 2017 wedding trends! Incorporating your roots and personal stories into your big day is a fantastic way to make it special and one-of-a-kind.

Couples will continue to center their wedding themes around cultures that are meaningful to them, whether that translates to a Frida Kahlo-inspired Mexico City celebration or a sweet ceremony on your family’s dairy farm.

18. Vintage lives on

From mismatched china to church pews brought outdoors, this popular theme will continue to show up in 2017. Whether this means hiring a 1950s Rolls Royce to take you to the church and donning a sweet tea length gown, or hiring a photographer to shoot your photos solely on film, this theme offers a lot of room for inspiration and can still be personalized to your personal taste. Couples will continue to adopt this trend into their celebrations, whether that means in a shabby chic way or a super sophisticated interpretation.

2017 Beauty Trends:

19. Glowing radiance

Ladies will shy away from bold eyeliner, contouring, and heavy foundation, and lean towards a more natural, dewy look. Makeup artists will be sticking with camera-friendly gold and earth toned eyeshadows, subtle highlighting, and natural pinks for the lips and cheeks. Many women today are gravitating towards the “less is more” aesthetic.

natural bridal makeup

Rene Tate Photography 

20. Pretty plaits

Maybe Game of Thrones is getting to us, or maybe we’re just fed up with constricting up-dos… but bohemian braids are in, and they’re not going anywhere for awhile.

From fishtail to dutch styles, the options are endless. I personally love a messy braid crown for a free spirited bride, however there are so many different choices to suit every woman’s personal taste.

21. Soft styles

Opting for an up-do? Let some strands hang loose for an effortlessly elegant style. Soft, feminine hair with texture and a perfectly undone feeling will rule hair trends.

22. Goddess worthy accessories

From sashes and shoes to hair pins and crowns, there are so many ways to make your bridal beauty style your own! We will continue to see stunning hair pieces inspired by Greek goddesses, with natural leaves plated in precious metals.

Think beyond the flower crown when incorporating fresh flowers into your hair by adding small daisies and baby’s breath into soft braids or a low chignon.

Tasty Food & Drink Trends:

23. Sustainability

Fresh, local, sustainable food is becoming increasingly important to many couples, so finding caterers with these options is luckily an easy thing to find in many major cities. Be sure your menu reflects what is in season for the freshest, most affordable offerings!

24. Late night nibbles

After a long night of dancing, your guests are going to be hungry. Make sure they leave with a snack in hand. Edible favors are an easy way to satiate late night cravings, and we’ll continue to see food trucks rolling up at the end of the evening to feed the masses. 

25. Brunch!

Every year, more and more brunch weddings are occurring, which I personally think is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Some of the best foods in the world are of the breakfast varietal, so why not go all out and offer a Belgian waffle bar, bagels and lox and omelet stations, and a donut tower?

Hire a coffee cart to offer fresh espresso drinks to your guests… and let’s not forget how creative people are getting with bloody Mary and mimosa toppings!

26. Elevated cakes

While the cupcakes, macarons, and cookies will remain popular options for desserts, many weddings will also include impressive cake masterpieces into their big day. Search for skilled, innovative bakers who have mastered sugar flowers and artistic painted cakes… think stained glass, watercolor, agate, and marble effects.

Buttercream cakes are also overtaking fondant creations, which is pretty great for all of your wedding guests, since buttercream is MUCH tastier!

27. Liquor tastings

While his-and-hers cocktails have been around for a few years, couples are now starting to offer tastings of high quality spirits and craft beers.

By the way… whiskey is out, and fine tequilas and rums are in. Luckily, local microbrews aren’t going anywhere for awhile!

Oh-So-Chic Stationery Ideas:

28. Eco-friendly

With couples becoming more conscious of unnecessary paper waste, many companies are now offering wedding invitations on 100% recycled paper, or other natural elements, such as cotton stock, wood, cork, or bamboo.

You can also save some money AND paper by issuing your save-the-dates online.

29. Avoid the full suite

Lots of brides are keeping it simple by including only the necessary information on the invitation. Supplemental pages can be avoided altogether by including all of the nitty-gritty details about your big day on your wedding website. With so much information available online, the full wedding invitation suite is becoming obsolete.

wedding stationary

Rene Tate Photography

30. Intricate innovation

Look to cutting-edge printing companies to explore some exciting options, like 3D embossing, laser cut details, and foil-pressed embellishments.

Favor Favorites:

31. Homemade

Have you and your beau taken up home brewing? Start bottling up your tasty cider and IPA concoctions for your guests to take home at the end of the night!

Consider other options, such as homemade jams, cookies, or lip balms. Offering homemade goodies is a fun way to hone your craft and show gratitude to your guests in a heartfelt way. 

32. Multi-purpose

Turn your place cards into favors and save on table setting clutter. One of my favorite ideas is to order artisan wooden cutting boards in bulk and engrave each one with a guest’s name. This can serve as a place card, charger, and very special wedding favor!

2017 Wedding Trends Disclaimer

While I just laid out 32 of my favorite trends for the upcoming year, I also want to make sure you know when to ignore me. Trends are subjective! Some people will like them, some won’t.

The key to a perfect wedding is to keep it personal! If you’re traditional, stick with what you know—it’ll be timeless. If you want to take these ideas to the next level and defy fashion, do it!

Be the bride you want to be. Your wedding will be beautiful no matter what.

Have you seen any wedding trends popping up lately that you love? Let us know below in the comments!

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