Gather and Gown Bridesmaid Dresses

You really can't go wrong with Gather and Gown bridesmaid dresses, an up-and-coming line of modern styles designed with your attendants in mind. This fresh and fun collection offers simple, contemporary options, an ideal choice for any parties seeking flattering fits and versatile styling possibilities. You’ll find plenty of high-quality fabrics, silhouettes, and necklines, along with a range of colors to match any theme. You may also notice the styles not only match current wedding trends, but the hottest looks in everyday-wear. Yep, bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again actually exist—right here. Plus, they’re affordable—every look is priced between $99-200! Lo’s dream is to make your bridesmaid shopping experience easier than ever, and Gather and Gown does just that. What you see is what you get—and it’s gorgeous.