Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses: So Easy To Love

As much as we love options, doesn’t it tend to get a bit overwhelming? With dozens of things to check off your wedding planning list, sometimes you just want the right choice handed to you on a silver platter.

 Let Lo help! She’s hand-picked the top bridesmaid styles from her favorite, trusted designers. What’s her number one pick? Drumroll, please…

 Kennedy Blue, of course! What makes this line stand out from the rest?


  1. Customer-Inspired
  2. Flattering Fits
  3. American Sizing
  4. Stress-Free Shopping


We admit that Lo is a bit biased—after all, she is one of the line’s designers.

 See, Lo has been in the industry for 39 years—that’s over 220,000 weddings! After all that experience, she knows exactly what brides and their ‘maids are looking for. Instead of waiting around for others to get it right, she decided to design a collection herself.

 Since 2012, over 30,000 bridesmaids have worn Kennedy Blue! Are you next?


5 Reasons Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Are Hard to Beat:


1. Customer-Inspired

 Kennedy Blue has a secret weapon—and no, we don’t mean Lo…

 We mean YOU! See, every season Kennedy Blue collects your feedback and reviews, pays attention to what you’re Pinning, and asks what colors and trends are catching your eye. Then they combine all of your ideas, design, and deliver.

 Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses are customer-inspired—you’re practically on their design team!

2 . Flattering Fits

 Not only will you be standing in front of every guest, but you’ll be in those cherished wedding photos forever. You need to look fabulous, and the key to fabulous is fit!

 Lo was sick of frumpy silhouettes, low-quality fabrics, and gaudy details. A gorgeous bridesmaid dress doesn’t need to be that complicated!

 Every style in this line is created with high-quality materials and an eye for design. You’ll find supportive necklines, natural waistlines, strategic ruching, and simple, chic details.

 Extra Tip: Every woman is unique—and so is her figure. Make sure your best friends find the perfect fit by letting them mix and match. Kennedy Blue makes it so easy!

 3. American Sizing

Bridal attire sizing is so frustrating, isn’t it? It’s always bigger than what you’re used too, so not only is it hard to pick a size online, but talk about a blow to your confidence…and if it’s too big or too small, alteration costs skyrocket!

 Throw those fears away with Kennedy Blue. This modern line uses American sizing, which means if you’re a 10 in everyday wear, you’re likely a 10 in one of their bridesmaid dresses. Sure, alterations will probably still be necessary—they almost always are with bridal party attire—but they should never cost the same as the gown! With this line’s easy-to-follow size charts and Lo’s Measurement Guide, you’ll be one step closer to an incredible fit.

 4. Stress-Free Shopping

One of Kennedy Blue’s philosophies is that they only sell their products on their website and via four trusted retailers who share in their vision. Weddings by Lo is honored to be one of them!

 With this original designer, there’s no need to be afraid of knock-offs or unreliable customer service—Kennedy Blue is determined to make online wedding shopping as easy and stress-free as possible.

 So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to find a Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dress that fits your style and wedding dreams!