Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Nail the Trend

Picking bridesmaid dresses is not a task for the faint of heart. There are a lot of factors to consider while choosing a gown for your bridesmaids to don on your big day. You want your ladies to look and feel stylish, while still maintaining the picturesque Pinterest-inspired image that you’ve been daydreaming of. So for a cohesive look that still flawlessly showcases each of your ladies’ personal styles and body shapes, we suggest that you hop aboard the mix-and-match trend!

Mismatched dress gowns may seem like a quick fix to a common problem—How’s a bride to choose a single gown that each of her ladies will love and feel confident in?—and we’re here to let you know that it is the perfect solution! As long as you follow a few style suggestions from the pros.

Mismatched Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

The first step is to know what you’re looking for. While you want your ‘maids to feel confident and comfortable, they also want to know that you’re 100% satisfied with their look. For the best results, curate a selection of diverse pre-approved styles for your ladies to choose from. The key is to create a look that you’re totally excited about!

To make sure that you successfully execute the mix-and-match trend with flair and class, we’ve compiled a no-fuss list of the ways that stylish brides take on this fantastic trend, alongside the hottest gowns that will sweep your ladies off of their feet as they sashay down the aisle.

It can be done! Everybody wins with these fabulous styling options.

Mismatched Necklines


  1. Choose one silhouette, fabric, and color from your favorite designer.
  2. Let your ‘maids select their favorite neckline.
  3. Make sure there’s enough variety.

This is by far the easiest way to take on the mismatched ‘maids trend. Necklines can quickly make or break someone’s confidence—we’ve all been there! Yanking up a strapless top all evening, attempting to keep the girls contained in that deep plunge…Giving your friends the chance to pick their favorite top will make them happy and still leave you with plenty of control. Everyone will feel beautiful, and your wedding party style will be on-trend.

 Bill Levkoff 1114Bill Levkoff 386Bill Levkoff 498Bill Levkoff 990Bill Levkoff 492

Classic, timeless, and sophisticated, you can’t go wrong with this flawless navy combo from Bill Levkoff! Mixing necklines is a great route to take while trying to accommodate the variety of shapes and sizes represented in your bridal party. Bustier ladies will love the strapped options that provide extra support, while your fashion-savvy friend will opt for a sassier fit that showcases her unique personal style. And they will all appreciate the universally flattering A-line silhouette, which hugs their natural waist before flowing into a floor-length skirt in gathers of chiffon. Hello, hourglass figure! 

Two-Tone is Trending 


  1. Choose one designer who offers two-tone designs.
  2. Select two complementary shades (grey and blue, blush and champagne, black and white).
  3. Curate a party of one- and two-tone looks. 

One way to flawlessly incorporate your wedding color palette into your ladies’ attire is to have them don two-tone dresses. Find a designer that allows for versatility in color options, then mix-and-match by putting your ‘maids in hue combinations. For example, have some ladies don all slate-gray, some wear solid taupe, and put your MOH in a two-tone gown representing both hues! It’s the best of both worlds!

Fabric Fusion


  1. Find one designer (like Kennedy Blue!) who offers a variety of fabrics
  2. Pick two—we recommend lace & chiffon
  3. Make sure the fabrics have the same color-availability
  4. Curate a balanced party featuring both amazing fabrics, and let your friend decide which they’d prefer to rock on the big day.

Nail the mix-and-match look by adding different textures to your wedding party! Mixing fabrics provides depth and dimension to your bridal party. Kick it up a notch by playing with colors, too.

Kennedy Blue SydneyKennedy Blue NovaKennedy Blue ChloeKennedy Blue MarissaKennedy Blue Harper

These Kennedy Blue gowns in shades of blush are our go-to choice for the style-savvy bride. These flawless gowns feature a mixture of chiffon and lace fabrics, providing depth and dimension as your ladies sashay about the dance floor arm-in-arm with your handsome groomsmen! See how the collection features all-lace, all-chiffon, and lace-chiffon designs? Gorgeous. We think this combination of dreamy and ethereal fabrics is just what the nuptial doctor ordered.

Did someone say ombré?


  1. It’s super important to look for designer who not only offers a variety of color families, but hues within your favorite family. You may need up to five different shades of blue, for example.
  2. Start playing around with combinations! The Dessy collection we created below took some trial and error, but the end result is
  3. This trend requires a bit more control on your end. You’ll probably want to pick the hues yourself, then let your friends battle for their faves. 

We hate to play favorites, but this ombré bridesmaid trend is one of ours! Try shades of blush or slate blue to be on-trend for this season, or mix it up by trying shades of reds or purples for a swoon-worthy look that is sure to make a statement! 

Dessy 2882 platinumDessy 2882 cloudyDessy 2882 sailorDessy 2882 frostDessy 2882 windsor blue

These amorous slate blue ombré gowns are what our wedding daydreams are made of! Dessy 2882 is fun, flirty, and everything that you’re looking for in a stylish attendant gown. Your ‘maids will love the asymmetrical pleating across the bodice, which minimizes any flaws or imperfections, as the A-line silhouette showcases the variety of shapes represented in your bridal party, universally flattering any shape or size! Choose different necklace and shoe options to spice up these ensembles, or have them don loose curls and simple heels for a timeless and elegant look.



  1. Find a designer who offers a wide variety of hues
  2. Decide on a palette, keeping tone in mind! Earthy, pastels, neutrals, jewel tones, bright and tropical, neon, or whatever your big day calls for.
  3. Pick a variety of shades that share your desired tone.
  4. Let your friends rank them to see who will wear what. 

Why choose just one color? Implement a variety of hues to create a look that is uniquely yours! Combine like shades for a lustrous look that is sure to make an impression! The most important part of this approach is making sure that all of the dresses stay in the same color family. If you’re leaning in this direction, we recommend that you choose similar fabrics and cuts to ensure that the end result looks cohesive.

Expert Tip: No matter what direction you go for, it’s safe to limit your variations to only two features. Try different fabric and necklines, but in the same color. Or mix up the colors and necklines, but keep the fabric the alike.


Patterns are a sure-fire way to create a stunningly impressive look. Try combining a fabulous floral or sequined pattern alongside of solids in the same color palette. Our hearts are fluttering just thinking about it!

Make your MOH stand out.

One of the easiest ways to implement the mix-and-match trend is to have your Maid of Honor in a different hue. We recommend that you choose a color that complements the shades that your other ‘maids are wearing. Try pairing slate blue with all-gray bridesmaid dresses, or pick a color that is a few shades darker or lighter than what everyone else is wearing. You could even have her choose a sequin or patterned design! 

Color & Neckline


  1. Choose either short or long styles—trust us on this one.
  2. Find a designer that has a large variety of necklines and colors available.
  3. Decide on your color palette—2-3 complementary shades or an ombré are our faves.

Alfred Sung D449 frescoAlfred Sung D522 pearl pinkAlfred Sung D500 peony jubileeAlfred Sung D538 apricotAlfred Sung D666 champagne

Mixing both color and neckline is one of the hardest trends to curate, but done well it can create a fierce Pin-worthy look that will be one for the books! Using our tips above, combine gowns of similar design and length with subtle variations in hues for a flawless look that will represent each of your ‘maids’ personal styles. Here, we chose Alfred Sung in varying shades of blush, coral, and champagne. The end result is simultaneously sophisticated and bold! Plus, your friends get to choose the top they prefer and the shade they feel best in. 

What about the ultimate mismatched collection?

People often ask us how to achieve the ultimate mix-and-match combination. You know, the one that gives all the control to your friends—silhouette, neckline, color, and fabric. While it’s possible to pull this off, it can lead to more stress than you need. It may be tempting to allow your ladies to pick a dress from any retailer, but there are so many options on the market ranging from casual to extremely formal—creating a mess in the making that could quickly turn you from laid-back lady to helicopter bride.

To avoid this scenario, we recommend choosing one trustworthy designer, length, and 1-2 rules. If you give them a color palette, fabric, or silhouette to stick to, it’ll help you later on. You could even send them a list of pre-picked designs that they can rank.

We might sound like a broken record singing the praises of a well-executed mismatched bridesmaid look, but you truly can’t go wrong with this fabulous approach! Your ladies will love it, and you won’t regret creating a versatile look that is uniquely yours.

One last tip: Don’t let your ladies do it alone! Most ‘maids appreciate a guiding hand while choosing a gown to wear for your big day. Have questions? Contact Weddings by Lo, and we’ll be happy to answer any style-related queries that you may have.

Happy mixing!